To become a leader in the plastic packaging industry by emphasizing creativity
and ongoing product development towards quality excellence and satisfaction
among various groups of customers, meanwhile, build a sustainable future for
the plastic industry and our organization.


  1. 01

    To be firmly committed to improving the
    quality of plastic packaging with production innovations that meet international standards and customers’ needs.

  2. 04

    To develop the company into a learning organization to continuously improve the quality of personnel in skills, knowledge, expertise
    and good working ethics

  1. 02

    To support creative, ethical
    and transparent competition.

  2. 05

    To keep the shareholders’ interest as the top priority in regard to both long- and short-term turnover and risk management to continuously meet good corporate governance.

  1. 03

    To establish good relations with trade partners and business alliances and practice fair business dealings with respect for each other in order to build a climate of trust.

  2. 06

    To embrace good corporate social responsibility and strictly comply with business-related laws in order to support national economic growth and social development.